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Dust gets in my eyes

December 5, 2010

Like miniature universes of sun rays filled with sparkling dust, something caught my eye in the thumbnail picture – playa dust dancing in the light of the monitor?  We wrote and spoke Playa speak – love, acceptance, forgiveness, journeys, fear; and love as an answer, a path, the only way.  It felt solid and familiar yet new, I think it was a past or future life connection, future most likely, because with a few words written and perceived two different ways – one full of love and positivity, the other full of judgment and negativity, we cut each other off. One person said the other knew too much, that other person apologized and asked to start over but it ended impulsively and randomly and for as little reason as do many things. Damn the fear. Fear kills. I still feel sad but at the same time acknowledge that its duration was probably simply perfect, what other way is there?  Maybe next time around, I say to myself.