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this ain’t no party

June 1, 2010

Monday, May 31

I’m desultory.  About everything.

I didn’t expect this indecision regarding Burning Man.

There are many reasons. Speaking my truth isn’t one of them. But going to the playa alone doesn’t seem fun right now.

At first I thought I’d catch a ride on the Green Tortoise but there are odd websites devoted to telling people how fraudulent it is and some creepy controversies I don’t want to be a part of. It’s off my list.

It would obviously be nicer to have my own car, packed exactly how I want it, but from where I sit now, it seems like a huge amount of work to get there alone. Although it doesn’t bother me to be alone there.

 I found a small camp,  Universal Babel Service, I’d  like to be part of, but there’s not a lot of details out yet.

My heart isn’t in it like it was. There’s lots of time, maybe something will kick in. Or will I waffle?