Saturday, June 19

On what path am I meandering, on what sight just beyond the horizon have I set my mind’s eye?

This morning I took a car-camping class at REI. It made me want to go to a campsite within 200 miles with a favorite person, set up a cool little camp, hike during the day and have magical nights at our personal little campground.

(shaking my head to clear stardust) I’m not going to a campsite and I currently don’t have a favorite person, so maybe that can be autumn’s dream. Must stay focused on the task at hand which is me planning and following through on my solo trek to the playa.

Of course, the class wasn’t Burning Man centric but had lots of good tips.

My favorites:

  • cots  for the creaky
  • the image of playing frisbee all night in a meadow using glow discs and headlamps
  • hobo pie maker
  • rectangular vs. mummy sleeping bag
  • wearing a warm hat to bed
  • the importance of coffee
  • stainless steel margarita glasses
  • the two half-hitches knot

But the piece de resistance was the display outside where I saw this little sparkling jewel,

NEMO Morpho 2P

It’s NEMO’s Morpho tent, very expensive, but other than that minor detail, it seems absolutely perfect for me. I love it! The reviews say it’s worth it, it’s a keeper.  And I could dream my autumn dream…

Has anyone used this? I’d been planning on renting a tent, I haven’t checked yet to see if this is on the rental list, I sense that would be too good to be true.

All in all, I came away inspired.  Now all I need is a patron, a coach to keep me up and on task.


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