this ain’t no party

Monday, May 31

I’m desultory.  About everything.

I didn’t expect this indecision regarding Burning Man.

There are many reasons. Speaking my truth isn’t one of them. But going to the playa alone doesn’t seem fun right now.

At first I thought I’d catch a ride on the Green Tortoise but there are odd websites devoted to telling people how fraudulent it is and some creepy controversies I don’t want to be a part of. It’s off my list.

It would obviously be nicer to have my own car, packed exactly how I want it, but from where I sit now, it seems like a huge amount of work to get there alone. Although it doesn’t bother me to be alone there.

 I found a small camp,  Universal Babel Service, I’d  like to be part of, but there’s not a lot of details out yet.

My heart isn’t in it like it was. There’s lots of time, maybe something will kick in. Or will I waffle?


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4 Responses to “this ain’t no party”

  1. Genie Says:

    I totally get the ambivalence. And I totally get that knowing where you’re going to land out there is key. I also get that even knowing where to begin to prepare is totally overwhelming.

    So, I give you this piece of information. Right now, at the Target off Buchanan Street in Albany, two-packs of glow sticks are $1 each in the dollar section. If you need a ball chain to connect them to while you’re out riding around at night, I can hook you up with that — just email me, and I’ll make it so.

    Go buy some. You can return them in 90 days if you don’t want them anymore, but if you do want them, it’s one thing to cross off your list.

    I totally wanted to go, but at this point in the year, was super-ambivalent last year. It was one of the best-best-best things I’ve ever done for myself. At least give thought to doing it, even if it’s hard to get there. Just from what I’ve read so far, I can tell…you’ll love it.

    • openscarf Says:

      Hey Genie, thanks for the empathy! It’s comforting to know its not just me. I would love to know what a ball chain even is (!) and hear about some of your experience there, I’ll email you for sure. Great tip on the glow sticks…..awesome blog too!

  2. Sara Says:

    Every year I change my mind 20 times before packing up the car. Every year I’m glad I did. 🙂

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